About Us

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad that you're here. 


I'm Melissa, Co-founder of Kaali. 

Kaali is a leather apparel brand, specialising in handcrafted shoes, all locally produced in Cape Town. The brand was co-founded by myself and my husband, Ashley in 2017. The launch of Kaali was inspired by my constant (and mostly unsuccessful) search for good quality shoes in petite sizes. So, all our shoes are available in UK sizes 2 - 8. 

In an industry cluttered with mass produced items and imports, we'd like to do things differently. We are passionate about anything local and believe in empowering local industry. As a result, we produce in small quantities and only manufacture locally. This means that sometimes certain sizes or styles sell out quite quickly. If you find that this is the case, feel free to email us and we'll let you know when we're planning to manufacture again. 

I hold female empowerment causes dearly and through our brand, I aim to contribute to uplifting and empowering young females in South Africa. I'd like our brand to be about more than just shoes or leather apparel. I'd like to think that when you buy from us you're buying into a greater cause. 

I'm passionate about our beautiful country and would like to see our people and our local industry flourish. 

These days, Ashley enjoys his corporate gig while I run the business full-time.

Service and product quality is extremely important to me, so if you have any feedback for us please feel free to head over to our contact page and pop me an email.

We're a small company, so when you interact with us, most of the time you'll be speaking to me... and I really look forward to chatting with you!