Where to take your Claudia Mules wine tasting this weekend



The warmer months are approaching (yay!!) and it must be said, we do enjoy a good wine farm visit on a sunny Cape Town afternoon. So, we've rounded up a few of our favourite farms. This outing is best paired with our Claudia mule. Why? Because they're comfortably stylish and can easily be slipped off when you're lazing on the grass.


Eagle's Nest

What we love most about Eagle's Nest is that it's dog-friendly. (In our opinion, every wine farm should be dog friendly). Enjoy their wine tasting and platters while your furry friend has a run around the lawns. Great for kids too. 

Cape Point Vineyards

The views are amazing! Sea, mountain and vineyard views - it really doesn't get better than this (in our opinion). There is a restaurant, but the picnics on the lawn is what we love most. Perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon.


The gardens are amazing! Take a stroll around, enjoy a wine tasting and end with a lingering lunch at one of their restaurants. You'll want to spend the entire afternoon here, so don't make any other plans. 

Beau Constantia

Another one for the views! Enjoy a wine tasting in their modern tasting room and if you plan ahead, book and enjoy an amazing lunch or dinner at Chef's Warehouse after. 


A tranquil spot in the Franschhoek valley, perfect to rid yourself of the week's stress. Start with a wine tasting and end with lunch at their restaurant, Bread and Wine. You can even do a bread making course, if that's what you fancy.


Well, you know what you need to do next. Claudia mules available here. And off you go on your wine tasting adventures. We live in a beautiful country and we need to enjoy it!

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