What we're celebrating as women in 2018

Inspiring Females

Today, on Women's Day, we're celebrating and remembering all the amazing women out there, past and present. We remember how, since the march of 9 August 1956, the world has progressed for women, but we also remember how much progress still has to be made. 

We've chatted to a few of the women in our lives to find out what they're celebrating about being a woman in 2018...




"Motherhood - A blessing and what an immense responsibility, nurturing our daughter to be both confident and humble in today's world!" - Claudia Hendrickse


"After becoming a business owner myself, I have discovered how many other women are around me and are cheering each other on to reach for their dreams and to make a success of whatever it is that they have their heart set on. This month I celebrate the sisterhood of support that we as women give each other." - Rini Hanekom


"I love that as women, we are resilient and strong, yet genuine and feminine" - Colleen Diedericks


"Celebrating the fact that we as women today have an important role in pathing the way for the women of the future." - Rae-Lynn Fletcher


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