What to do in boot weather



If you're like us, Winter is not the favourite season of them all! After all, who doesn't love sunny Summer days and balmy evenings? There's just so many fun things to do during Summer. But, we've decided that we won't be spending this Winter moping around. We've scoured the internet (and our brains) and rounded up these awesome boot weather ideas. 

So... get dressed, get those boots on and head out! Or these boots. Or these.


Take a drive to Ceres to see the snow

FOMO crept in this past weekend after admiring everyone's amazing Instagram posts. So, this weekend we'll be there. Lets hope the snow is too!

Build a fire and make s'mores

Tip: Stick a block of chocolate into the marshmallow and then roast it over the coals. Best sandwiched between soetkoekie biscuits.This is tried and tested. 

Take advantage of the Winter specials at the amazing restaurants you've been meaning to visit

We've just discovered the Eat Out app and they make it so easy to find all the specials in your city.

Get your foodie friends together and do a themed dinner party

We've started working our way through cuisines of different countries - decided on through a randomizer app. We've done Turkey and next up is Peru. Each couple cooks a course and pairs it with a drink of choice. 

Book a weekend at a cosy cabin (with an awesome fireplace)

Getaway has amazing ideas here.

Invent a signature winter drink

And then enjoy it in front of the fireplace

Host a wine tasting evening

Or swop the wine for gin or whisky.

Hop on a vintage steam train to Simon's Town

Atlantic Rail departs from Cape Town every second Sunday for a voyage along the False Bay coast, ending in Simon's Town. Once in Simon's Town, pop into our concept space within the Dockyard Collective and have a bite to eat and a hot cuppa. Then, explore the amazing sites in the town before hopping back onto the train to take you back to Cape Town.


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